How DIMO scales
Bootstrapping the Network
DIMO is designed to use both mission and financial alignment to achieve project goals of building a safer, zero emission future. As with all projects, gaining initial momentum requires additional force to overcome inertia.
Rewarding early adopters and offering referral bonuses is not a new idea. Venture funding subsidized discounted rates and credits as Uber and Lyft grew throughout the 2010’s. While this has been proven an effective strategy for breaking into a market, it doesn’t generate long-term alignment and grass roots community alignment with a platform. Projects like Helium have demonstrated a capital efficient method of bootstrapping user-owned IoT infrastructure past 250,000+ nodes (and counting) in two years.
DIMO is designed around a similar feedback loop, adding additional support at key leverage points to accelerate adoption and benefits to users:
Ranked by priority, our focus during the bootstrapping phase will be:
  1. 1.
    Build vehicle supply through $DIMO token issuance to early data providers.
  2. 2.
    Incentivize OEMs to make it easy for users to share data from their devices with developers.
  3. 3.
    Build tooling that makes device data more accessible to developers so they can create new user experiences using the open & neutral DIMO platform and economy.
The DIMO growth flywheel accelerated by the $DIMO Token
Development will be undertaken in phases, unlocking new capabilities, classes of devices to connect, and levels of decentralization at each step.
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