Get involved

Use DIMO with your vehicle(s)

If you just want to add your vehicles, track your vehicle's health, and earn for sharing your data, you can sign up to add your vehicles.

Distribution Channels and Other Partners

DIMO partners with organizations in Fleet, IoT, Automotive, and Mobility services that can help both individuals and fleets take advantage of DIMO and join the DIMO Mobility Union.

Support the Projectβ€”Contribute to DIMO

DIMO is a decentralized, community-owned protocol which means there are plenty of opportunities for you as a community member to get involved. In fact we think DIMO can only work with you involved. This means you can contribute your expertise and work across all the projects DIMO is working on.
DIMO is structured in hybrid dTeams which include both DIMO Core Team members and community members who are working to make the vision a success. You can learn more about current [d]Teams here.
For a general overview of DIMO and how to contribute you can visit the DIMO Contributor Atlas which will help orient you as a visitor (and soon to be citizen) of DIMO City.
To go to a specific dTeam's page, expand the section below to choose which team to explore:
dTeam Maps and Guides
So that you can understand what you'll find, here are some ideas about how you can contribute:
  • Decode vehicles, unlocking more data and functionality for DIMO users.
  • Contribute code to other native apps in the DIMO ecosystem.
  • Build 3rd party apps that use DIMO data or offer services to DIMO users. Get in touch here.
  • Build better processes for the decentralized organization that is DIMO and help us attract more talent to the community.

Join the DIMO Core Team

We're hiring! DIMO is community-driven, but we're growing our talented core team. Visit our careers page.