Phase 1.3
Phase 1.3: Web3 credentials and decentralized data unions

Web3 Vehicle ID

During Phase 1.3 DIMO will open-source the verified credentials framework and SDKs for 3rd party application developers. During this phase, smart contract development will become the main focus and enable trusted applications, which combine local (edge) compute, cloud, and a user’s personal device.
This will enable any entity with an existing position of authority to sign data about the vehicles and users. Title, insurance, and DMV transactions can move from the paper world into a distributed & permissionless ledger.
Decentralized ride hailing/carsharing, automated parking, dynamic energy resources and more can be built on this platform as devices can transact more autonomously with the outside world.

Universal Secure Communication

Every automotive OEM has their own closely guarded protocols for communicating with vehicles. DIMO will work with OEMs to create an open source communication standard that allows for open communication between person/app/company and vehicle (P2V), as well as vehicle to vehicle (V2V)
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