Seeding applications
Imagining the applications that can be built on DIMO
Before getting into the detailed roadmap, it’s helpful to imagine the applications that can be built using a decentralized and user-owned automotive IoT platform.
In Phase 1, DIMO is focused on making it easy for developers to build these applications.
We’re accomplishing this in a scalable way by seeding and supporting independent teams with proven track records, and providing them with clean interfaces to the DIMO platform.
Examples of funded applications which make use of β€œread-only” connections to DIMO vehicles are provided below. Additional grants and support to teams will be provided as vehicle supply increases, additional functionality is unlocked, and the $DIMO token is in the hands of users who can signal their desire for specific functionality.
Battery Intelligence
Realtime ground-truth data on battery performance
Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent by automakers, battery OEMs, VCs, and others to improve and develop EV batteries. The entire industry is betting on batteries yet real-world performance data is nearly impossible to come by.
Vehicle Finance
Vehicle value can and should be data-driven
Automotive purchases and vehicle financing depend on the health and use history of a vehicle. With the rise of electric vehicles, where the residual value of a car is mainly determined by the health of the battery, this neutral, comprehensive, and authenticated vehicle usage and state data is more important than ever.
Smart Insurance
Let’s fix data-driven car insurance
Insurance companies have built driver monitoring black boxes that obscure calculations and can even incentivize unsafe driving. With DIMO you can build open, transparent insurance products that users can audit themselves and provide drivers their own copy of vehicle data to properly protect themselves in security and liability incidents. As AVs enter the world, insurance that uses data from specific ADAS systems and vehicles will be necessary.
Energy Utility Integrations
Let’s get the electric grid ready for EVs
A simple way to ease the transition to EVs for the grid is worth billions. Utilities can reward users by incentivizing charging behaviors based on local market conditions. DIMO hardware (and certain API connections) can provide this solution, by turning vehicles (and chargers) into DERs.​
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