Caribou x DIMO
Caribou is a revelation in the automotive financing industry, and DIMO is proud to introduce them as an app ecosystem partner.
  • Early Access. As an early DIMO user, you have exclusive access to one of our early ecosystem partners: Caribou.
  • Save Hundreds Monthly. Users see average payment savings of $100+/month compared to existing loan payments. How? Visit Caribou to learn more about how they are able to save customers money on their monthly payments.
  • Earn Testnet Points! - Users who convert with Caribou will earn 50,000 testnet points - the equivalent of ~4-5 weeks of driving data.
  • White Glove Experience. We're rolling out the red-carpet for our alpha test users so that we can walk you through the process and ensure you have a good experience. Book a time here with the DIMO team.

About DIMO Ecosystem Partners

DIMO is dedicated to introducing our users to new and innovative ways to enhance their vehicle ownership experience. This includes strategically partnering with companies who offer our users the opportunity to utilize their vehicle data in order to save money.

Caribou + DIMO

Caribou is a financing platform who's mission is to put drivers in control of their auto finances. Built by leaders in the technology, automotive, and finance industries, Caribou partners with trusted lenders to save customers hundreds of dollars on their car payments.

With Caribou you get:

  • Low Monthly Payments: Caribou partners with trusted lenders to save customers an average of over $100/month on their car payments.
  • Easy Application & Process: Applications take minutes. Customers automatically see their loan offers without affecting their credit score after entering basic personal and vehicle information.
  • DIMO Rewards: DIMO users who successfully finance with Caribou will earn 50,000 testnet points. As a part of our agreement with Caribou, $200 for each user who converts will be paid to the DIMO treasury and distributed to users wallets upon DIMO network launch.

There Are Two Ways to Get Started

Head to Caribou and complete the process with the same email you have on your DIMO account.
Set time to speak to an DIMO x Caribou expert HEREโ€‹
  • FAQ - Full FAQ available hereโ€‹

Iโ€™ve heard of refinancing a mortgage. Can I really do the same thing for my car?

Most people are familiar with refinancing a mortgage, but you can also refinance auto loans! When you refinance an auto loan through Caribou, you could save hundreds - even thousands - of dollars in interest.*

Why should I refinance my vehicle?

Many people refinance because they can get better terms than when they first purchased their vehicle. This saves people money over the lifetime of their loan, either with a lower monthly payment, interest savings, or both! When you refinance, you also have an opportunity to adjust the term of your loan.

What factors go into qualifying for a refinance?

When you apply for a refinance, weโ€™ll need a few pieces of information about you and your vehicle. This information helps us find the terms that you qualify for and helps us pair you with one of our trusted lending partners.

What kind of vehicles can I refinance through Caribou?

We currently work with all passenger vehicles including cars, trucks and SUVs. At this time, we are unable to offer refinancing for motorcycles or any commercial vehicles.

Can I refinance my lease through Caribou?

No, we do not currently offer auto lease buyouts.

How can I learn more about auto refinancing?

To learn more about refinancing your car and how it works, visit our understanding auto refinancing page.

What is APR?

The annual percentage rate (APR) is the total yearly cost of borrowing money. Learn about how APR is calculated in our auto refinance term glossary.
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With Caribou you get:
There Are Two Ways to Get Started